Stormrazor league of legends

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Stormrazor league of legends

Stormrazor in League of Legends is one of the most-purchased items in the game, as most bot lane carries have been locking it in as their first item since it was released during the midseason with Patch 8.

Well, to be more accurate, it was one of the most-purchased items—up until about a day ago, that is. When Patch 9. Because almost all major bot lane carry items were either redesigned or updated in some way.

Stormrazor was no exception, as it was shifted from its old design, a reliable early-game damage spike with an auto-crit at the start of combat, to a completely new one. For all those people out there wondering what the deal is now, we can help. Redesigned Stormrazor!

I'm a big fan of all the AD item changes this week, and I think turning the SR into a niche-style of item for energize builds is super cool. The new Stormrazor is almost nothing like the old one, aside from the fact that it still provides AD and attack speed. The old Stormrazor gave your next basic attack a guaranteed critical strike, with reduced power from a normal crit, at the start of combat. This made it reliable—it was boosted by building crit chance, and it was a must-buy on most marksmen.

The auto-crit ability of the item was completely removed. Now, Stormrazor boosts all of your Energized effects by a percentage, applies a slow, and gives you a flat 50 bonus damage on your opening attack in combat. This feels a lot different, and, honestly, completely changes the priority and playstyle of the item. Prior to Patch 9. It was more reliable damage than marksmen had ever been used to before, and although that made things sort of boring, it still became the go-to item for the entire class of champions.

Now, however, you almost never want to buy it. The days of the Infinity Edge rush have returned, and now most marksmen need to decide between rushing that or buying a Blade of the Ruined King depending on their playstyle. Stormrazor is now a niche item, but it can be very, very deadly in the right hands. Jhin, for instance, has the right hands.

Other champions that love Energized passives are going to want to first-buy the Stormrazor, too, like Corki, Draven, or Sivir. Skip to content. Image via Riot Games. Older Posts.

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Read more here. Nerfing Stormrazor as it's overperforming a tad, focusing on the tAD so it keeps its unique and impactful slow utility.

Stormrazor (Item)

Patch 9. Slow is stronger but shorter. Now grants crit chance. Attack damage, attack speed decreased. Build path updated, cost increased. The absence of crit chance on Stormrazor was the biggest impediment toward Energized working as a crit variant. Adding it in means players can go for Energized builds without having to trade away their crit progression.

Per the simplification note above, we've removed Stormrazor's amp on other Energized sources and sharpened its slow to a stronger, shorter effect that offers more play-around opportunities. Right now, the only champion who's really buying Stormrazor is Kai'Sa, which is mainly due to its stat profile than its Energized passive.

We want players considering it for its unique effects too. Given that Stormrazor's update shifted it from a rush item to a late pickup, we erred on the side of undershooting its power to make sure it was a clearly less attractive first buy.

But now, it's too weak, so we're buffin' it. No longer grants a guaranteed critical strike after not basic attacking for a few seconds. Stormrazor was created to support marksman playstyles that focus more on kiting around a fight than attacking at full uptime, but ended up becoming the predominant first item in crit builds due to its combination of early impact and crit scaling.

Stormrazor (Item)/Match History

We're keeping the idea of "occasionally super-powerful attacks" but moving it from the crit system into the Energized system so it's not just a bumper on the front of Infinity Edge builds. Attack speed increased and attack damage decreased. The high amount of upfront damage in the game is something we've been looking to dial back.

Last patch we trimmed a lot of the burst damage from various runes; this patch we're looking at items. Attack damage decreased. Attack speed decreased. Cheaper items with fewer stats to compensate should help marksmen reach a reasonable spike earlier.

We'll be looking to make individual marksman changes in the coming patches, but we don't want to risk overbuffing them alongside item changes. To start, we're adding power to some core crit items before looking at individual champions too heavily. Infinity Edge. Essence Reaver Essence Reaver is performing pretty well on users who have some way to "cheat" extra basic attacks Lucian's passive or Renekton's W, or attack resetsand thus get far more ability refreshes.

We want to open Essence Reaver up to a few more champions without buffing it on the core champions, and that means giving more attack speed so that champions without bonus attacks in their kit can get more bang for their buck. Marksman itemization is pretty focus on marksmen who want to stand still and basic attack.

stormrazor league of legends

With Stormrazor, we're introducing an item for marksmen with longer pauses between attacks, whether they're kiting or just have long attack cooldowns looking at you, Jhin. Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. Icelandic Esports League Season 4. Liga Nexo Split 2. PRM Grand Final.

GLL Winter. CPE Week 1. BL Country Finals.Flex Rank.


Recently Played With Recent 10 Games. Recently Played. Karthus Jhin Lucian Wukong. Use OP Score to get a more accurate breakdown of your skill level.

What is OP Score? Best Player Selection. The summoner that performed the best in the match. Best losing player, the summoner that performed the best for the losing team. Range of Scores. For OP Score's beta test, based on the characteristics of each match your results may be somewhat inaccurate We will keep trying to improve the indicators and calculations used in OP Score so we can create the most objective rating possible.

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Please give us any feedback. Ranked Solo. Benja es gay. Jarvan IV. Alias JJ. Miss Fortune. I Will Hook You. Control Ward 6. S Zmbx. S Knight. Control Ward 2. Death Sigh. Control Ward 1. HDO zzen. El Moncho.Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Stormrazor is a finished item in League of Legends. Cloak of Agility. Kircheis Shard. Essence Reaver. Infinity Edge. Phantom Dancer.

Rapid Firecannon. Runaan's Hurricane.

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Statikk Shiv. Old Recipe: B. Energized stacks per attack reduced to 6 from Energized stacks per movement increased to 1 for every 25 units from 1 for every 30 units. New Effect: Energized effects now also work on structures. Attack damage reduced to 55 from Energized damage increased to from New Effect: Damage from other Energized effects now stacks. Slow duration reduced to 0. Removed: Slow no longer decays over the duration.

Unique Energized bonus magic damage and slow is now named Paralyze. Unique Passive - Energized: Moving and basic attacking generates Energize stacks, up to Unique Passive - Paralyze: When fully Energizedyour next basic attack deals bonus magic damage on-hit. Previous Passive - Energized: Moving and basic attacking generates Energize stacks, up to When fully Energizedyour next basic attack deals 50 bonus magic damage on-hit.

Slow decay duration increased to 1. Unique Passive - Energized: Moving and attacking will make an attack Energized.As part of the Unified Community Platform project, your wiki will be migrated to the new platform in the next few weeks. Read more here. Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. Liga Nexo Split 2. PRM Grand Final. GLL Winter. CPE Week 1. BL Country Finals.

Icelandic Esports League Season 4. PRM 1st Div Winter. Match History. Category : Item Match Histories. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View View source History. Game Info New to League? This page was last edited on 13 Juneat Gamepedia's League of Legends Esports wiki covers tournaments, teams, players, and personalities in League of Legends. Pages that were modified between April and June are adapted from information taken from Esportspedia.

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stormrazor league of legends

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stormrazor league of legends

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stormrazor league of legends

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