Machli ka chara

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Machli ka chara

In this article we will learn about Chara.

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After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Systematic Position 2. Occurrence 3. Structure 4. Cell structure 5. Reproduction 6. Life Cycle.

Machli Pakarny Ka Chara : مچھلی پکڑنے کا چارہ

Chara is a fresh water, green alga found submerged in shallow water ponds, tanks, lakes and slow running water. Chara is found mostly in hard fresh water, rich in organic matter, calcium and deficient in oxygen.

Chara plants are often encrusted with calcium carbonate and hence are commonly called stone wort. Chara often emits disagreeable onion like odour due to presence of sulphur compounds. In India Chara is represented by about 30 species of which common Indian species are:. The thallus of Chara is branched, multicellular and macroscopic. The thallus is normally cm. Some species like C. The plants in appearance resemble Equisetum hence Chara is commonly called as aquatic horsetail. The thallus is mainly differentiated into rhizoids and main axis Fig.

The rhizoids are white, thread like, multicellular, uniseriate and branched structures. The rhizoids arise from rhizoidal plates which are formed at the base of main axis or from peripheral cells of lower nodes.

The rhizoids are characterized by presence of oblique septa Fig. The tips of rhizoids possess minute solid particles which function as statoliths. The rhizoids show apical growth. Rhizoids help in attachment of plant to substratum i. The main axis is erect, long, branched and differentiated into nodes and internodes.

The internode consists of single, much elongated or oblong cell. The inter-nodal cells in some species may be surrounded by one celled thick layer called cortex and such species are called as corticate species. The node consists of a pair of central small cells surrounded by peripheral cells Fig.

कब और कितना भोजन खिलाएं मछली को?

The central cells and peripheral cells arise from a single nodal initial cell. The branches of limited growth arise in whorls of from peripheral cells of the nodes of main axis or on branches of unlimited growth. These are also called branchlets, branches of first order, primary laterals or leaves.

These branches stop to grow after forming nodes and hence are called branches of limited growth. The stipulodes and reproductive structures are formed on the node of these branches. The branches — of unlimited growth arise from the axils of the branches of limited growth hence these are also called auxiliary branches or long laterals.

These are differentiated into nodes and internodes. At nodes they bear primary laterals and these branches look like the main axis. Their growth is also unlimited like main axis. The basal node of the branches of limited growth develops short, oval, pointed single cell outgrowths called stipulodes.Hamko fish ka palan karna hai apna Talab hai mera kese start kare or kha se contect kare so bataiye plz.

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machli ka chara

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Hi sir me nashik city she hu maharashtra se fish trening center address chahiye. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Notify me of follow-up comments by email.Chara is a genus of charophyte green algae in the family Characeae. They are multicellular and superficially resemble land plants because of stem -like and leaf -like structures.

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They are found in fresh water, particularly in limestone areas throughout the northern temperate zone, where they grow submerged, attached to the muddy bottom. They prefer less oxygenated and hard water and are not found in waters where mosquito larvae are present.

Cyanobacteria have been found growing as epiphytes on the surfaces of Charawhere they may be involved in fixing nitrogenwhich is important to plant nutrition.

The branching system of Chara species is complex with branches derived from apical cells which cut off segments at the base to form nodal and internodal cells alternately. Chara plants are rough to the touch because of deposited calcium salts on the cell wall. The metabolic processes associated with this deposition often give Chara plants a distinctive and unpleasant smell of hydrogen sulfide. The plant body is a gametophyte. It consists of a main axis differentiated into nodes and internodesdimorphic branches long branch of unlimited growth and short branches of limited growthrhizoids multicellular with oblique septa and stipulodes needle shaped structures at the base of secondary laterals.

Chara reproduces vegetatively and sexually. Vegetative reproduction takes place by tubers, amylum stars and secondary protonemata. The sex organs are a multicellular and jacketed globule or antheridium male and nucule or archegonium female. The antheridia and archegonia may occur on separate plants dioicytogether on the same plant conjoined monoicy or separately on the same plant sejoined monoicy. Chara has a cosmopolitan distributionfrom 69 degrees north in northern Norway to about 49 degrees south in Kerguelen Islands Pal et al.

About 27 species are found in India. Although this habitat is found all across Europe, it is threatened and to be protected and preserved. The Netherlands are home to 20 species of Charagrowing in lakes and ponds of the habitat-type H The H habitats in the Netherlands, are considered important in the overall preservation efforts and therefore also for the Chara species in general.

उम्मीद जगाता सोयाबीन और सरसों का चारा

Here, many former Chara habitats H have been polluted by either toxins or excessive amounts of nutrients in particular phosphates and nitrogenbut a few large lakes and ponds remain. Ireland :- Co.

machli ka chara

Braun Leonhardii and Nitella flexilis L. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Genus of green algae in the family Characeae. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it.

December Public Health Reports. Soil Biology and Biochemistry.

छोटी मछली के लिए चारा (Bait for small fish)

The Biology of the algae. Ernest Arnold. The Stoneworts Chlorophyta. Charales in Guiry, M. New Survey of Clare Island. Volume 6: The Freshwater and Terrestrial Algae. American Journal of Botany. Fundamentals of Botany Vol.Rahu Remedies Indications : Problems in married life and failures on every front Remedies Keep one cocunet jatadari near your pillow on wednesday, offer the same next day early morning with some money to Lord Ganesha, pray to him for warding off your problems, fear and save you from your enemies.

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If u have Kal sarpa Yoga……. Saturn Rahu Ketu Remedies 1. This will help in reducing problems from Saturn ,Rahu, Ketu and problems f 2. Take a cocunet jatawala and red cloth.Chara is also the fallen human that the player names at the start of the game, and not the controllable character who is played throughout the entirety of Undertale. Chara looks strikingly similar to the protagonist, down to a "similar fashion sense," as said by Asriel Dreemurrand just like the protagonist, has an ambiguous gender.

Both appear to have been around the same age after falling into the Underground. At the end of the Genocide Route, Chara is seen to be wearing a lime and cream-colored striped shirt which is an inverted color of the protagonist's shirt and red-brown pants and shoes. Chara has peach skin and brown hair, rosy cheeks, open eyes, and a smile that contrasts the protagonist's stoic expression.

Young one, when I look at you I'm reminded of the human that fell here long ago You have the same feeling of hope in your eyes. While initially cast in a sympathetic light, Asriel admits at the end of the True Pacifist Route that Chara " They tell them that their determination woke them from death when entering the Underground. However, if the protagonist refuses to destroy the world, Chara becomes frustrated and confused, wonders what the player wants instead, and then finally gives in to the frustration, erasing the world anyway.

After falling into the Underground, Chara was taken in by Toriel and Asgore as a second child and was treated with respect equal to their biological son. Chara and Asriel became best friends, and monsters spoke of how Chara filled the Underground with hope. One day, after becoming terminally ill from consuming buttercups, Chara expressed the desire to see the Golden Flowers found in their home village.

Chara carried their own corpse across the barrier and wanted to use their full power. Chara's motives in this situation are uncertain.

machli ka chara

In the fourth True Lab tape, Asriel says " Y We'll be strong! We'll free everyone. We just have to get six Flowey also adds, " Then That despite it all This world is still 'kill or be killed!! Asriel tells the protagonist that he came up with this philosophy because his resistance to Chara had led to both of them being killed. At the end of the Genocide Route, Chara says little about Asriel's resistance other than, " At first, I was so confused.

Our plan had failed, hadn't it? Chara's body was originally laid to rest in a coffin in the basement of the castle, where the bodies of the other fallen humans would later be put.

In the Genocide Route, Chara says that the protagonist's "determination" and "human soul" awakened them from death.

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There is evidence that some narration, as well as descriptions of certain actions and events, is by Chara themself. However, the narrator throughout the entirety of Undertale is up to speculation. When the protagonist gets a Game OverAsgore's voice can be heard as he urges Chara to " stay determined.

The protagonist also hears Chara's name in their dreams.This limber, shrieking creature has the visage of an enraged monkey, but it walks upright like a man.

Speed 30 ft. Once per day, a charau-ka can enter a state of shrieking frenzy as a free action. While in this state, the charau-ka automatically fails Stealth checks and cannot speak or cast spells that use verbal components or use items that require command words to activatebut functions as if under the effects of a haste spell.

The charauka can continue shrieking for up to 3 rounds, after which it is staggered for 1 round. Charau-ka are masters of thrown weapons. All charau-ka gain Throw Anything as a bonus feat.

Environment warm forests Organization solitary, pair, patrol 3—8or tribe 9—20 plus 1—3 dire apes1—3 fighter sub-chieftains of 2nd level, 1 cleric of 3rd—5th level, and 1 chieftain of any class of 4th—8th level Treasure standard see below.

Although they call themselves the charau-ka, these dangerous jungle dwellers are often known to colonists and explorers as ape-men. Legend holds that the charau-ka stem from a demon lord who transformed the bodies of the first humans that tried to wage war against his cult, causing the dead to rise as the first apemen. Rumors that charau-ka clerics have perfected a hideous ritual to force those slain to reincarnate as new charau-ka are popular tales among jungle explorers—but proof of such a magic spell has yet to reach civilization.

Charau-ka generally dwell in small tribes of a few dozen members. They often keep dangerous jungle creatures as pets or guardians, trusting to their druids or animal handlers to keep the deadly beasts under control.

A typical charau-ka village extends from the jungle floor up into the canopy above, and usually includes several treehouse-style structures connected by vines or rope bridges. Charau-ka carry little treasure. They have no interest in silver or gold. Metal has value only in the form of weaponry—and then it becomes very valuable indeed.

Most individual charau-ka own little more than a few crude weapons—most often spears and throwing clubs of wood, stone, and bone—combined with some cured hide armorand perhaps a few shiny pebbles or small relics from lost temples as curios and tokens used for courting. While charau-ka can be encountered alone, they typically travel with other simians as either a hunting party or an entire tribe, using superior numbers against whatever quarry they find in the wilderness.

Hunting parties may include as few as two hunters or as many as eight. When a charau-ka tribe traverses the jungle, members move in hooting and whooping groups ranging from 12 to 25 adults, attempting to panic outnumbered enemies before overwhelming them. As many as three lieutenant warriors lead the attack, supported by a demon-worshiping cleric and directed by a powerful and experienced chief who commands up to three dire apes.

Charau-ka pelt opponents into submission with rocks expertly thrown from trees above their targets, and with a gesture by their leader, they disappear into the foliage in an instant.

Fiercely territorial, they respond to any sizable incursion on their hunting grounds and engage any group deemed weak enough to defeat. Charau-ka attack as a pack, aiming to separate the weakest target from a group of enemies. They focus their assault to subdue opponents one at a time in order of perceived frailty. Should their foes respond with powerful magic or potent physical attacks, they disappear into the jungle and wait for another chance for an ambush.

Tribal leaders allow infighting only when within range of a blood totem; as a prelude to internal conflicts, lieutenants often attempt to capture powerful opponents and force them to battle for sport in front of the charau-ka before challenging the chief for leadership of the tribe. The charau-ka litter the jungles with traps, imperiling unwitting travelers. The following are but a sampling of the devious traps they devise throughout their jungle territories.

Trigger visual arcane eye ; Duration 1 minute; Reset automatic 1 hour ; Effect totem gains a gaze attack with a range of 30 ft.

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Some blood totems are magically treated to send trespassers into a frenzy.For example, uttama- Shani-Thula does move forward, but in His movement Professor Shani is constricted by the regulating structures of lawful social order such as government rules, programs and policies.

Shani in the chara rashi of Thula advances chara the cause of social justice Thula. Necessarily for Shani-Thulathe pace of chara-change is relatively slow due to Shani's requirement to maintain an orderly stepwise process. Yet when Shani society occupies Thula either natally or temporarily via samcharaexpect measurable progress chara in matters of Thula such as contracts, agreements, arrangements, and all matters of the law-court.

By contrast, divinely confident Surya suffers in nichha- Thula. Surya's attempt to originate chara new alliances Thula may be vitally energetic. Yet in Thula's two-ness environment, the unique and intensely egocentric one-ness of Professor Surya is inappropriate to a partnered undertaking.

Longer term human-to-human parity balance can be challenging to sustain. Characteristically for Surya-Thulathe pace of chara-change can be blindingly fast, However, the if the fast pace may lead to to rapid turnover in contractual relationships. A positive results may include capability to produce rapid and skillful negotiation, deals, bargains, promises and also to maintain trusts even when the promise-giver is unreliable or flawed. Surya-Thula -1 diplomatic messaging by.

Lama Jyotishavidya. Although the energy does have permission to move in a Chara-rashi, the velocity of the movement is determined by the nature of the graha. Wishing you every happiness and continuing success in studies!


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