Fuse for ac fan 1994 dodge dakota 6 cyl full

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Fuse for ac fan 1994 dodge dakota 6 cyl full

Blower fan motor quit working, it didnt show signs of going out just stopped. Fuse appears to be good are there other fuses or relays that can go bad and cause this, thanks Do you. Check for voltage on the dark green wire for the fan motor.

If it's missing, suspect the ignition switch or fuse number 1, a 30 amp. If you find full battery voltage, suspect a defective resistor assembly or heater fan switch. Caradiodoc Was this answer. I know that this truck has had issues with the ignition, previous owner even had a steering colum in the bed I think he was going to replace the whole column. If it is the ignition swith how hard of a job is this, is it something that the layman can do or should it be taken to a mechanic?

Thanks for your reply on previous question. Was this answer. Don't jump the gun without testing for voltage first.

Normally if the ignition switch is the problem, other things like the radio and power windows also won't work. Replacing the switch isn't real hard but you must also look at the terminals in the electrical connector.

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If any are overheated, they can be cut out of the connector and replaced individually. Also cut off about 4 inches of the wire which will be hardened and impossible to soldered to. Splice in new pieces of wire. We can cover that in more detail if it becomes necessary. I will attempt to check these as soon as I can, living in norther Minnesota right now, about 24 below zero, hard to work on the vehicle.

But as soon as we get a warm up lets say 25 or 30 degrees, I will try out your advice. I'm not the best at mechanics and electronics but will give it a shot, I appreciate all the help, thanks so much. Very sorry to hear of your temperatures. I'm in the middle of Wisconsin and the cold air really makes my asthma act up. I'm just hibernating in the house waiting for spring!

Please login or register to post a reply. What I Did I Have CheckedHad 2 dealers and an independent shop check it out and they filled the AC and put dye in it and found no leaks. The trucks a dark color, but still, I get in the truck at work and when I get to my house 10 minutes later I'm still sweating. I have noticed on the highway that the AC will freeze you out though.

Any Ideas? Charcoal dak, hot in the afternoon and takes forever to cool the truck down unless Im on the freeway. Had this problem in San Antonio and now I live in Shreveport and still have it. I wonder if there is a way to upgrade the AC or put on some aftermarket fans to cool the coil faster. If anyone knows please let me know. I have my own set of gages and vacuum pump and I can't find anything wrong.

All the pressure readings on the high and low side are normal. The line going through the firewall is ice cold, but no cold air comes out of the vents. I think there is a problem with the dampers letting air from the AC mix with the heater core. RE: AC problems IP: Logged Message: I have a '98 that I bought used, and decided to have a dealer look at it, because of the same thing, and they have told me that it's perfectly normal for these trucks, and yes, they checked for leaks, and for a full charge.

So if the condensor was increased the coil would have to be increased and it might not fit in the box. Looks like we might be stuck with this problem. Maybe it was a way of increasing horsepower by minimizing the effect of the AC. Looks like I'll be driving mine in the coller months till I can find another option.

Here's a quick test that may help you narrow it down I bet you'll notice it instantly cool down. The dealer is full of it when they say the condenser is too small for a truck. Good luck.The air conditioning in your Dodge car cools the cabin when it is hot outside. The AC system uses a compressor to compress a refrigerant and then pushes that cold air into the passenger cabin with a fan.

When this system breaks you may need to replace your air conditioning components. However, before you do that, troubleshoot the problems.

1994 Dodge Dakota Heater Hose

Start the truck and adjust the air from low to high and back down again. Listen for the blower motor.

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The noise should increase when turned higher and decrease when turned lower. The blower motor will be a black cylinder-shape with a white plastic bowl-like piece on top. Unplug the electrical connector and remove it. Look at the compressor in front of the engine with the belt to make sure it is quiet. Find the compressor by going to the driver's side engine compartment. Find the two hoses, one small and one larger, coming from the firewall.

Follow them back toward the car and you will find the compressor. Adjust the temperature controls to make sure they are working correctly. The dials should have the proper amount of resistance. If these are not working correctly, it may be a fuse problem.

Locate the fuse box by opening the driver's side door and prying off the panel near the steering wheel with a screwdriver. Remove the fuse with pliers and replace with a fuse of equal wattage to avoid damaging the electrical system.

Check to make sure the dome lights and graphics display are working properly. If they are not, then it may be a control panel problem.

Get to the control panel in a Dodge Ram by removing the center instrument bezel. The control panel is directly underneath. Detach the cables and pull it out. Locate the fuse for the air conditioning using the fuse diagram on the underside of the fuse panel.

Turn the fan motor to the highest setting. Then turn the air conditioning to the coldest setting. Pay attention to whether you hear the air compressor start. You should hear a low "hum" when the compressor starts. If you don't, the compressor has not started.

fuse for ac fan 1994 dodge dakota 6 cyl full

This means the compressor has failed and you need to replace it. This is confirmed by the lack of cold air coming into the cabin after a few minutes of having the AC on. If the AC compressor starts but there is no cold air coming into the cabin, there may be a leak in the AC system or the system is out of refrigerant. You will need to have the system serviced by a professional mechanic. Check the controls first. Make sure the air-recirculation button is not selected instead of the air conditioning.

This easy step could save you a trip to the dealership or a mechanic. Start the engine and turn on the air conditioning, adjusting from low to high. Listen for the accompanying sound to increase when turned on high. This is the blower fan. If it does not sound right, the blower motor may need replacing.Here is my problem. My blower did not work for my heater.

Took the dash apart and found out the blower was ok. It was a bad switch in the dash. So I just unplugged the blower and ran a switch under the dash to the blower. This works fine. Put the dash all back together and now I have no radio or dome lights. So I took the dash back apart thinking something got unplugged some where. Radio is plugged in.

fuse for ac fan 1994 dodge dakota 6 cyl full

There were a few plugs that wrere hanging loose when i took the dash apart the first time. I didn't see any plugs that looked like they should go together. There is a bigger female plug above the passenger kick panel that I thought looked like it should be plugged in. I looked for male plug for this. I felt above the heater box but did not feel a plug.

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I replaced all the fuses but this did not help. I can not find a under dash wiring diagram. But I ran a hot wire from the battery to the dome and floor light near the passenger kick panel and they both work. So I'm thinking something is unplugged some where. Any ideas anyone??? Thank You,Jim. RE: radio and dome lights not working help IP: Logged Message: did the radio and dome work before you did this? It sounds like by having that factory blower switch harness unplugged you're breaking the ground.

I,m pretty sure the radio and dome are on one circuit. When I took the dash apart in my old 95 to replace the heater core and put it all back together, my dome and radio didn't work.

Dakota,Durango,etc blower control fix EASY!!!!!

If I remember correctly, I pinched a wire, but can't recall if it was same wire as blower or not. Sorry, memory is a little fuzzy, it was about 3 years ago i did this. I did reconnect the factory power source back into the blower but still do not have a dome or radio.

As for the blower I unplugged it from the dash harness. I then checked it and it is hot coming out of the dash harness. Should work right. So I ran a jumper wire from the dash harness plug to the blower plug on the hot side. Then i ran a ground to the ground side on the blower plug. The blower worked but was stuck on hi and you can not turn it off on the dash. Bad ground? But then why is it stuck on high and you can't shut it off? Bad dash switch?

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Have I lost you yet? I could live with the blower switch I put under the dash. But I would think it's something simple wrong. And I'm still lost on the radio dome light promblem Any ideas on my blower switch or dome radio problem I would like to hear them.Close X. Call To Order: Accessory Belt Idler Pulley. Accessory Belt Tension Pulley. Accessory Belt Tensioner. Accessory Belt Tensioner Assembly. Auxiliary Fan Control Unit. Auxiliary Fan Motor. Bypass Hose. Cooling System Adapter.

Dodge Wiring Diagrams

Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing Assembly. Engine Cooling Fan. Engine Cooling Fan Spacer Kit. Engine Water Pump Hardware Kit. Engine Water Pump Stud Kit. Expansion Tank. Expansion Tank Cap. Fan Blade. Fan Clutch. Radiator Cap. Radiator Cap Tester Adapter. Radiator Drain Petcock. Radiator Hose. Thermostat Gasket. Thermostat Housing.Check the blower motors ground and power in the truck and the blower motors resister The heater blower motor is on the interior passenger side.

It is kind of a round shaped housing facing the floor. It's located behind the glovebox, on the passanger side of the dash. How hard is it to get to the fan motor? The blower motor if failing and pulling to much current. This is not one to easily answer. You have to rule out a couple of things before you can say it is the blower motor. The last unit is almost never the case. It also over bucks to replce. I would check these first before assuming bad motor. I belive it is located down under the dash on the passenger side.

You have power but make sure that you also have a good ground and if so then you will need to check both the blower resister as well as the blower switch I have a 97 but yours may be the same. There is a blower motor resistor. Have you checked the fuses? Assuming you have no speeds including HI I would check for power at the connection at the blower motor with ignition and switches on. If you have power the motor is shot. If you have no power go back and check the fuses. If the fuses are good check the switch and electrial plug at the switch for damage.

If the blower motor speed resistor was burned out you would still have HI speed. First check that the ground and the power for the blower are both good and then scan the computer I could not find one for my Dakota so I got one from a dodge caravan and I changed the wirring, that is the most likely problem. The Dodge ram blower motor is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The blower motor will be near the bottom, passenger side, firewall.

For the Dodge Ram, the heater blower motor resistor can be found on the passenger's side, on the bottom of the heater box. It is beside the blower motor. Under the dash below glove box. You will see the blower motor and it's to the left of it. You will see a wire harness going to it. Asked By Curt Eichmann. Asked By Leland Grant. Asked By Veronica Wilkinson.The minivan was first manufactured in and remains in production as of The vehicle has an air conditioning system AC to cool passengers during warm weather and hot drives.

The buttons of the air conditioning unit may start flashing due to a momentary electrical failure, in which case a reset of the AC is necessary. The procedure, commonly called calibration, initiates the self diagnostic test and system reset for the vehicle's air conditioning.

1994 Dodge Dakota Heater Hose

Start the Dodge Caravan. Insert the key into the ignition and turn to the "On" position. Turn the Mode Control dial to "Panel.

Locate the three leftmost buttons in the AC controls. Press and hold the top one and bottom one. The top button controls the rear wiper on constant and the bottom button controls the rear wiper washer fluid. The AC light should illuminate and then flash. Release the buttons once you see the light flash. The AC will start to calibrate and reset. Air should blow out of the vents at different intervals during the reset.

fuse for ac fan 1994 dodge dakota 6 cyl full

The top button will flash when the reset is completed. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Step 1 Start the Dodge Caravan. Step 2 Turn the Mode Control dial to "Panel. Step 3 Locate the three leftmost buttons in the AC controls.


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