Angela wesselman net worth

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Angela wesselman net worth

In the documentary "Catfish," Schulman exposed a troubled housewife in the Midwest who had lured him into an online relationship by posing as a gorgeous young woman. And I was aggressively flirtatious with single and not-single women.

The celibacy ended after days when he found himself in a meaningful relationship with indie musician Shanee Pink. But he has never returned to Facebook, except for a fan page. These days he's wary of false selves. Schulman and co-host Max Joseph have spent three seasons on "Catfish" introducing "hopefuls" to the cruel reality of their online relationships. Often they find that even if they're not the victim of an outright hoax, the person they've fallen into a virtual romance with has been lying about one or more critical matters.

Manti Te'o, now an NFL linebacker, became the subject of national ridicule in when it was revealed that the girlfriend whose tragic death he had sobbed about before the cameras was actually a man who had been duping him online for years. But Schulman says most catfishing begins with lesser deceptions that grow. And in many cases, the victim is looking for a fraudulent relationship too, though they wouldn't put it that way.

It's a very selfish way to go into a relationship.

Angela Wesselman Ishpeming, MI

But they do that because they are not willing to take their real selves into the real world. Schulman freely admits that his own feelings of inadequacy made him vulnerable to the overtures of Angela Wesselman, the old-housewife who first posed as an 8-year-old girl and then her year-old sister, Megan, to draw Schulman into a romantic relationship online. Wesselman, exposed in the documentary "Catfish," obviously had her problems. But Schulman stresses that what catfishers and hopefuls have in common is that neither is willing to deal with the personal issues that stand in the way of having a meaningful relationship in real life.

The problem was that it was so much easier to pass himself off as a better person online than to become one in real life. Schulman says he quit Facebook because he wanted actual rather than virtual friendships. And love. He was finally willing to make changes that were much harder than merely glossing his profile. Skip to content.

He did so by becoming celibate and quitting Facebook. Nev Schulman says it was easier to pass himself off as a better person online than to actually become one.Please refresh the page and retry.

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The object of his affection was a woman he had never met, but they exchanged emails and voice messages, MP3s and pictures. Megan was model-pretty, a sensitive musician with an artist kid sister, and Nev was enraptured.

The Circlewhich debuted last night, sees eight contestants living together in a large block of flats, but only interacting with each other online. It is, for better and for worse, the most millennial reality series in existence, drowning in emojis, text speak and Snapchat vernacular. It is also, in its full-blown dystopian horror, incredibly fascinating. But it similarly works as a natural heir to Catfish, only with the same elaborate ruses actively cheered on rather than condemned.

When the original Catfish documentary was released init garnered immediate buzz due to its sheer novelty. With Facebook then in its mass-market infancy and social media still generally seen as an unknowable curio rather than a destructive hellscape, the idea of creating an entirely false life to fix the parts of yourself broken by the outside world was vast in its implications.

Even viewed today, the extremities of the duplicity on display was shocking. Catfish begins innocuous enough. Schulman is filmed interacting via email with an eight-year-old girl named Abby, who had sent him a picture she drew of a photograph Schulman had snapped for a newspaper. But then others join the conversation, among them a network of family members connected to Abby, including her older sister Megan, a lonely virgin who dreams of escaping her quiet Michigan home to launch a career as a musician in the big city.

The pair exchange emails, texts and talk on the phone, and Schulman confesses to his brother Ariel, who is filming the entire thing, that he has fallen for her. On an impromptu trip to Michigan to surprise Megan, they are met by Angela, who eventually confesses that she had orchestrated the entire online interaction with Schulman from the very beginning, crafting personalities, voices and digital lives for Abby, Megan and the strong community of associates interacting with them online.

Cute stories they may be, but their worth as actual movies is questionable. But the reaction was far kinder when she pretended it was the work of an eight year old girl. Wesselman explained that her online interaction with Schulman had reawakened her passion for painting, even if she was worried about having to one day explain to the real Abby how the experience came to be.

Catfish was enough of a success to convince MTV to create a spin-off series, with Schulman and co-host Max Joseph roaming America and unearthing numerous incidents of people being deceived online.

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Its first season was, in many respects, quietly revolutionary, documenting how catfishing can sometimes provide salvation for those on the fringes of society, among them trans youth or individuals forced to conform to fit in. Others, however, still packed an emotional punch.

A episode saw a young man, Spencer, come to Schulman and Joseph convinced that he had been romantically conversing online with pop star Katy Perry for the past six years.

angela wesselman net worth

It is quickly confirmed that the woman pretending to be an internationally famous singer is in fact a gay Canadian girl living in Gloucestershire and named Harriet, but Spencer remains for a while, at least unconvinced.

Both individuals on either end of the catfish are using the internet for the same purpose: to fill a gap unable to be filled by anything in reality.

But while Harriet adopted the confidence and magnetism of a pop star to fix her own insecurities, Spencer sought romantic companionship, fixating on an fairytale image so clearly fictitious to everyone else, but one that he convinced himself was real.

And while the power it provides often only lasts between the time you click in and out of your internet browser, in a world where so much of our daily lives revolve around our online activity, it seems to matter less and less.

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We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page.Nev Schulman is married to his girlfriend Laura Perlongo. They exchanged their engagement rings in on 26 May. The couple has great love and affection with each other. He has a beloved daughter Cleo James. Cleo was born on October in He has an older brother Ariel. He has an older brother named Ariel.

Schulman started his career as a ballet photographer. He started taking pictures and became involved with photography after having studied dance for 5 years. At the age of 19, he and his older brother, Ariel an actor and filmmakerstarted a film and photography production company. Schulman became the subject of the documentary Catfish, filmed by Ariel and business partner, Henry Joost, in which Schulman met and fell in love with a girl he met online.

Schulman became the main person of the documentary Catfish, filmed by Ariel and business partner Henry Joost, in which Schulman met and fell in love with a girl he met online. He now resides in Los Angeles.

He has a net worth of thousand USD but his salary is not disclosed. He has brown color eyes and black hair. She is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He has over 2. Married Biography. Nev Schulman Bio. Last Modified July 29, Inside Biography 1 Who is Nev Schulman? Jessica Sharzer. Marital Status:.

My creepy Catfish story!

Married Date:. Birth Date:. Hair Color:. Eye Color:. Waist Size Inch :. Bra Size Inch :. Hip Size Inch :. Short Description:. Finally Married! Lindsay Lohan wants her mother Dina Lohan to breakup with her current boyfriend and date a new man! View Todays Anniversary. View Tomorrows Anniversary. Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Both are 26, from Jewish families in New York and live enviable lives surrounded by the latest in geek-dream software.

Schulman, whose parents chose his name during a spell on a kibbutz, is no computer genius. He's a photographer, who one afternoon answered an email from Abby, an eight-year-old girl who liked one of his pictures so much she painted a copy. When the pieces of the puzzle stopped fitting together, the intrepid trio headed to small-town Michigan to uncover the ultimately astonishing reality behind these virtual conversations. A hit at the Sundance Film Festival and the subject of assorted rumours about its veracity, Catfish offers bittersweet comedy and Blair Witch-like suspense while exposing the dark secrets of the Wesselman family.

Without ruining the ending, the automatic question is why a web-savvy twenty-something was so willing to open himself up to total strangers. Something about the story stirred with me. Everything spiraled from there. And, as he concedes, he allowed it to - it was fun having fans.

Clearly hurt by the experience, Schulman has become something of a crusader against exactly the kind of shmuck he was — the type who believes that what is online is sacred. And Schulman is more than aware of the opportunities to be made through social networking — his next project is an MTV reality series bringing together couples who have been dating online.

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In fact, Schulman is still a prolific social networker. Lizard's tale makes fun of haters at the Edinburgh Fringe. Labour shadow minister condemned for sharing unredacted antisemitism report. I feel I have a second chance at life, says Stage 4 cancer patient after coronavirus. London Live condemned for allowing David Icke to air 'lunatic conspiracy theories'.

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Contact us. Register Sign In. My Profile Subscribe Sign Out. He would now. Aleks Phillips Sunday, August 11, Nev Schulman is a TV host in America who became popular from the documentary Catfish produced in As a teenager, he started a film and photography production company with his brother Ariel Schulman. He attended Sarah Lawrence College where he studied Photography and Dance from — though he was expelled from the school on the grounds of physically assaulting a female student in It was filmed by his brother Ariel and a colleague Henry Joost and told the story of how Schulman met and fell in love with a girl he met online.

Though it was a bitter experience for the young Schulman the whole film told the truth behind most social media alliances which Catfish was all about.

angela wesselman net worth

The Catfish documentary led to the series Catfish: The TV Show in which Schulman and his colleague Max Joseph introduce couples who have been dating online but have not met face to face to meet in real life for the first time and discover the truth about their relationship so far. The couple has only one child, an adorable little girl Cleo James who stole the spotlight at their wedding ceremony. The cute girl was born on October 21,and her birth was lovingly announced on Instagram with lovely pictures by her super proud dad.

No other siblings have been mentioned in relation to the TV host. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.But what started as a documentary spin-off has grown into an exploration of truth, lies and Facebook profiles.

Instead, she was the creation of a middle-aged Michigan woman, Angela Wesselman, who had 15 fake Facebook profiles. She had used the photos of a Washington model and photographer named Aimee Gonzalez to create the character Nev thought he had connected with—and when the truth came out, it was shocking, sad and thought-provoking all at the same time.

Catfish: The TV Show is yours. The adventure has lasted more than episodes, spawned four international versions and one semi-spinoffand made celebrities of Nev and Max who exited the show after season 7 and has been replaced by a rotating lineup of co-hosts. Celebrities have been on the show. Celebrities have been victims on the show. Whatever way the episode goes, Catfish is always surprising. Having been through the experience himself, Nev has used that to become a guide to other people as they follow in his footsteps.

On the other side, there are all kinds of stories. And yes, there have been those terrible, cringe-inducing people who are playing the field or have created fake profiles to swindle money out of people. But luckily, those are few and far between. For those on this wild ride from the comfort of your couch, Catfish: The TV Show prompts as many questions as it gives answers. Of course, viewers want to know how someone could fall for some of these things although the show does a great job of explaining that.

angela wesselman net worth

And what about the people whose images were stolen to make these fake pages? And how powerful is the Internet, that it can create these longstanding relationships that people invest so much of their time, emotion and sometimes even money into? And what viewers can identify with in each of their stories. The icing on the cake is the bromance—or is that host-mance?

It was an absolute pleasure to watch Nev and Max, who were the perfect pair to do all this emotional digging.

Catfishing before The Circle: the bizarre story that began a social media nightmare

They worked so well together, while also having the kind of witty friendship we all wish we had. Audiences saw the same bond between them, that they were helping other people search for.

A few episodes have even featured Nev working alongside his wife, Laura. Sometimes, all it takes for people to look deeper into themselves is just to hold the mirror or the camera up. Brooks Koepka has U. Open 3-peat within reach at Pebble Beach by David Salituro. Next: Jean Grey is the most underrated X-Men character. Load Comments. View all TV Sites.

angela wesselman net worth

View all Streaming Sites. View all Movies Sites. View all Gaming Sites. View all Comics Sites. View all Cars Sites.The MTV version focuses on two individuals that have been involved in an online relationship, under the guise of lies and dishonesty.

So Nev and his friend Max Joseph set out to help the victims the catfishees in weekly episodes by finding and revealing the real people behind the fake profiles.

However, despite being a fantastic premise for a documentary show, all is not what it seems, and the MTV series, which has been running for seven seasons, has more than a few secrets behind the scenes itself. Have you made any fake online profiles? It becomes difficult to indulge yourself in a reality show when you know that there are certain elements which are staged for entertainment purposes.

Then came the reports from some participants of show speaking out about certain elements being staged, and much of what was on screen was a dramatized.

The leaked information from the participants forced MTV senior vice president of news and documentaries, Marshell Eisen, to admit that certain parts of the show are manufactured by the producers but still claims that the anxiety suffered by the catfish and catfishee are still very real.

A particular episode that gained a lot of attention at the time was back in season two episode which featured Anthony, a retired Iraq war veteran who received a Purple Heart for his service, being catfished by a man called Framel under the alias of Marq. It was an episode that played heavy on the drama, with Framel coming out as gay in front of his friends, and citing self-esteems issues as his reasoning behind creating a fake profile and leading Anthony on.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Framel, he claims that he only did the show to get out of bankruptcy and buy himself a new car. He also stated in his own words that much of show was set up for entertainment purposes, and nothing was quite as it seems. So with that in mind, it seems that Framel was directed, and told what to do and how to behave during the episode.

According to the catfisher, she always knew that her co-star was gay, but once the show started the male participant felt pressured into performing for the camera and backtracked several times leading to a confusing conclusion to the episode.

Another Catfish claimed that she only set up a profile to get revenge on her victim after a past disagreement and despite admitting this on camera, it was edited out to make her look like she wanted to be romantically involved with the catfishee.

One of the series most infamous and strangest episodes happened during season 2, when a guy called Justin posing as a woman named Jess, supposedly catfished Artis. The climax of the show was incredibly over the top and obviously staged, leading viewers to instantly doubt that anything that transpired on screen was genuine. Both Justin and Artis later uploaded videos to YouTube claiming that show was a set-up from the get-go, and that they were both employed as actors.

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Apparently, they were given false hope by MTV that they would get their own show as a result of the episode. In the original Catfish documentary, hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph showing up on doorsteps with the cameras rolling was far more real than what is shown on the MTV televised version. Ethical, privacy, and legal concerns prohibit the show from surprising would-be catfishers in such a manner. However, there are some participants that have claimed that both the catfish and catfishee had met in person before all the phone calls and research is shown on TV for entertainment purposes.

The moment where Nev and Max show up on the doorstep of the catfish is arguably the shows biggest and most important moment to the fans. However, as previously mentioned above, the producers always meet the catfish prior to filming, and all those involved sign a waiver.

The participants also meet with therapists after the show, to the benefit of the show and the cast members. Nev, Max, and the producers always have a professional on standby in the case of anyone needing it.

In addition to some of the participants just wanting to be nasty, there have often been many episodes where the catfish has had some kind of body image issues. Both Nev and Max like to claim that they offer aftercare support for all the participants involved with the MTV series, but there are times when their involvement can have long-lasting implications. One catfishee says that the cast member who catfished him became the focus of a cyber bullying campaign from fans of the show.

According to him, MTV failed to include the whole story, by not airing discussions about the catfishers background and feels that viewers would have been more sympathetic if the catfishers justifications were shown in a fair manner. It does raise questions about Catfish's ethics when subjects who are already emotionally and psychologically vulnerable are being misrepresented and portrayed in such a negative way.

When cyber bullying has lead to so many catastrophic events of self-harm and suicide, one would think that MTV would be a little more cautious before exploiting participants with mental health issues. Despite these doubts, Nev and his brother Ariel have always denied that anything about the film was fake or misrepresented. However, it is difficult to believe that the media savvy and ambitious Schulmans, who already ran their own film and photography production company, weren't aware very early on that Nev was being "catfished.

No one can blame the brothers for capitalizing on an opportunity, but "playing dumb" for the camera is definitely something that seems to have crossed over into the MTV show too. However, it has been claimed on several occasions that their investigations have taken days before they finally get to bottom of each case. In addition, Nev claimed in a Reddit Ask Me Anything AMA post that it only takes them between hours to make their discovery, which is a far cry from the investigations lasting several days as cited by sources.

Ineven the most average user is more Internet-savvy than when the original documentary was released in In an age of technology where even pensioners can use tablets and mobile phones to make a simple Facebook, and Google Image search to reveal a potential catfish or a scam, their investigation skills don't seem that impressive. The show did a great job of raising awareness of potential scammers and fake profiles online, but now as people are more aware than ever of online scammers, and with a nearly endless amount of online tools at their disposal, one has to wonder how the show remains relevant in


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